Statistics Tilburg

In search for a Tutor in Tilburg?

Are you in search for a professional Statistics tutor in Tilburg?
You can contact me for more information (06-14830130).
I have finished my master degree and specialized myself in teaching statistics. I am familiar with a lot of statistical methods used at different universities. For Instance, I have given lessons to students from the Universities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Utrecht, Groningen and of course Tilburg.


Tuition Fees

‘Tutoring in Tilburg’ counts 44.95 euro for a private lesson (one hour).

I’m also glad to help you with your Assignment/ Thesis. This for €79.95 an hour


If you want to book a lesson with some friends or fellow students then you will get a discount. For two people you invest €22.50; three €17,50; four €15. To have lessons with more students in a class is also possible. Please ask for possibilities.

Normally I give my lessons at my home. If you want to receive the lessons at another location that is also possible. Ask me about the possibilities.

Last but not least, did you have lessons at my company at the past and did you pay a lower fee? Then the lower fee will be applied to you.



Piano Discount.

Now pianolessons for just €15,- (half hour)